About Us

Welcome to SelfieLight. Thank you for taking the time to visit our store and for wanting to know more about us, this is Aranxta and Riade founders of Selfie Light (Pty) Ltd.


We are aspiring musicians planning to use the internet as a platform to distribute our music, to get us seen and heard. However, the quality of our images and videos was very poor when taken under the low light conditions in our studio, so we knew that in order for us to get going we needed better lighting. This is when we discovered the 'wireless LED selfie ring light', this technology has been available worldwide for some time and used by selfie lovers, bloggers, vloggers, YouTubers, small business owners and photography and videography enthusiasts. Unavailable in South Africa we ordered our first light online which took forever to arrive and when it eventually did arrive we were very disappointed because the light did not work 2-4 hours as advertised. It was then that we decided to find the BEST selfie ring lights available worldwide and bring them to South Africa, thus Selfie Light was born.


After spending six months at home doing extensive research whilst making music and home schooling our 2-year old, we finally found selfie ring lights that we trusted! Today we have three different 'selfie ring lights' in our collection, all our lights are wireless USB-rechargeable that can be clipped onto the front or rear camera of any smartphone, laptop, tablet or iPad. We rated our products on the look and feel, quality of material used, durability, battery span, overall lighting effect as well as the number of positive ratings received internationally. What makes this light SO cool is that you can take it anywhere, you will not need a new SelfieLight when you do buy a new phone and not having to replace the battery makes life easier. They're built to produce high-quality images that give you the photo finish without the filter where and when you need it.


Selfie Light (Pty) Ltd will be bringing you the best and latest photography gadgets at competitive prices, to keep reinventing the way you capture your images and videos. You can look forward to the launch of our 14" inch and 18" inch LED ring lights which we hope will bridge the gap between our homegrown selfie lovers, bloggers, vloggers, YouTubers and enthusiasts VS the greats of the world. All of our products come with a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. We have recently integrated a new 'live chat' feature to help improve our customer service and response time. Don't stay behind! The social media era has arrived in South Africa and is here to stay, at Selfie Light we will continue to strive to "change the way your images and videos look forever."


- Aranxta Pailman and Riade Tayob