About Us

Welcome to SelfieLight, this is Arantxa and Riade founders of Selfie Light (Pty) Ltd. Thank you for taking the time to read about us.

Selfie Light Pty Ltd imports the highest quality Ring Lights and Selfie Ring Lights available in South Africa and worldwide. Since 2016, we have researched and tested multiple products from different manufacturers in and around China. We have now sourced the best manufacturers based in Shenzhen ‘Capital of technology’ and multiple local suppliers in Johannesburg. Our manufacturer is committed to designing and manufacturing the latest in Ring Light technology.

We started the business as two aspiring musicians homeschooling a 2-year-old princess looking for lighting equipment for our music videos. It was then that we became the first in South Africa to supply the highest quality mini SelfieRingLights that attach to your smartphone to being the first to sell Ring Lights.

The #SelfieLightProX is the oldest product in our store, some of our clients have owned theirs for as long as 4 years and counting durability at its best! Quality and investment is one thing we keep in mind when choosing our products, we know us South Africans are all about quality and value for money.

Even though Ring Light technology is fairly new worldwide - we will always be ahead. Our latest Ring Lights and Selfie Ring Lights launched in November 2019. The #ELITE 18inch range is the first in South Africa to have features such as USB charging port to charge your smartphone or camera, digital monitor and the #ELITEXS being the brightest at 90watts! The new SelfieLight and SelfieLight PRO is also the first of its kind in SA, you can now change the colour temperature and brightness!

Please keep an eye out for more helpful content in 2020 along with more amazing product releases. We aim to not only improve our products to you but also to educate ourselves so we can constantly offer better customer services and improve our content to help you use our products.

Don't stay behind! The social media era has arrived in South Africa and is here to stay, at Selfie Light we will continue to strive to "change the way your images and videos look forever."

- Aranxta Pailman and Riade Tayob